The Tragic History Behind The Famous Ships

We have always heard that every famous thing, person or a place has a hidden story behind it. Exactly the same thing happens to the ships, there is a tragic history behind every famous ship that has ever entered  the earth’s surface. If you know the real history behind every ship, you will start appreciating yourself every beauty of the ships. So, now the history begins, with the enlisting list.

  1. The Sinking of the Titanic in the year 1912

The sinking of the Titanic is the most deadly incident ever happened in the past. The Titanic was considered as the largest ship of that time. But, unfortunately due to the hitting with an iceberg Titanic had a tragic sink with about 1500 people died, out of them many were rich and famous personality too. This incident has marked the history, many movies, plays have been demonstrated all around the world trying to portray the real essence of the incident that took place back in the history. Today also, the importance and the mere loss is felt.

  1. Bismarck Ship

Bismarck is a terrifying ship in the history which was considered as the most wanted ship of the year because of its impeccable strength to bear the load and of course because of the excellent design. It was shot by 400 hits from the British guns and even 12 torpedoes to the point where her crew scuttled her in the world war II. The famous picture ‘ Sink the Bismarck’ was also portrayed  on this famous ship and that movie was the so damn hit at those time. You won’t believe, but Bismarck was the bestest ships in those days.

  1. The USS Constitution Ship

The USS constitution is also known as the ‘Old Ironsides’.  It is among one of the longest serving warships in the history. This great ship – USS Constitution  has fought a number of campaigns in old times from the Barbary coast in the war of 1812 during which the ship revealed his true strength and overcome the greatest victories of the time and proved its worth endlessly.

  1. Santa Maria, Pinta , Santa Clara Ships

The three names Santa Maria, Pinta and Santa Clara is marked in the history. Behind these three ships, a major link is connected and that is,  it was used by Christopher Columbus during his first voyage in 1492. Among  these three, Santa Maria was the largest ship about 62 feet long if we go for the proper measurements. The framework of the ship was highly defined and awestruck in look.

  1. The Great USS Monitor Ship

The USS Monitor is the world’s first ironclad warship that has ever recorded at the scene. It is considered as a game changer in the long run.  The huge battle of 1862 between the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia is regarded as a milestone in the field of naval warfare, this was the battle that was recorded first in the history of ironclad warships.

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