Hot and happening news of the deadly ships in the past

The Hot and happening news of some tragic failed ships in the past that really give Goosebumps to the people, whenever they heard the real scene of the story. The news was on the hit list and everyone was just talking about the trending hot topic of the deadly ships that time. Some news of the past that will still chill out your nerves are written below, have a glance to feel it yourself.

  1. The Sink of the Titanic Ship

When the famous Titanic sinks into the North Atlantic Ocean, by hitting an iceberg in the year 1912. It created a huge loss to the society. Massive numbers of people approximate to 2200 passengers and a number of crew members, riches and famous too were died in a row.  When this sad news came to the society this was hit on every newspaper,r broadcasting every single detail of this massive destructive event everywhere.

  1. American Battleship U.S.S. Arizona Sink

American Battleship is the famous ship of that time and till date famous for its great shipwreck. This great ship sunk with the attack of the Japanese on Pearl Harbour in the year 1941.  Around, two-thirds of the crew died in this attack. In today’s times, this ship remains as the most famous war grave in the world. What is so surprising about the ship? The American Battleship despite being so much immersed in salty water for around 70 years, but still the ship is highly intact and fully graved in the water.

  1. The German Liner Wilhelm Gustloff Sink

The German Liner is the sole largest ship that witnessed the single loss of life in the maritime history. When the vessels of the ship were overloaded fleeing the advancing Red Army into Northern Poland in winter, it sank down the deep water and within a fraction of the time it fully submerged into the deep.

  1. The Great Lakes Ore Carrier Edmund Fitzgerald

The giant ore carrier Edmund Fitzgerald, the largest ship in 1975 was caught in a vicious November gale and the ship tried hard to overcome the lusts winds and waves. But, the luck was not in the favour of the ship and finally the ship disappeared from the radar without any signal. The loss was less, but it was enlisted as one of the tragedies of the history that took place.

  1. The Steamship S.S Republic

The Steamship S.S. Republic sank in the violent gale off the Georgia coast in the year 1865.  This incident is enlisted as a tremendous shipwreck because with the sinking of the ship not only the members died, but the tons of silver and gold coins that were transported from the west coast went down deep into the water. For founding the coins, excavations were organised and it was the highest-tech archaeological excavation ever conducted in the history.

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