Uses of Flotillas

Flotilla is referred as a fleet of small vessels, sailing together usually under the supervision of a leading sail or vessel. Earlier, flotillas were group of small warships or fight boats used as tactical unit to invade the ocean boundaries but today, it’s a group of small boats or yachts sailing together.

Today, there is also such thing as a flotilla holiday, in which there is a group of chartered yachts that set sail together on the same route.

Thus, flotilla sailing involves a group of like sailors getting together in a group adventure with multiple boats. There is one lead crew called the ‘skipper’  in any flotilla, and he plots a route and take care of all the sailing needs of other boats sailing with him.

Uses of flotilla sailing:

  • A great social experience: A typical flotilla consists of a group of 8-10 yachts sailing all together.Not only do you get to sail with a bunch of people with different tastes and experiences, at the end of the day when the boat is safely moored, there is the chance to get together and enjoy a group meal and drinks. In terms of a holiday experience, and especially for beginners, it is a great introduction to the social side of sailing.
  • Sailing experience is not a hurdle: Due to coast guard authorities and much required legislations and permits’, sailing into deeper seas is always hurdled for sailors beginning their voyage. Less experienced skippers will appreciate the help and advice from the flotilla skipper. He will provide daily weather forecasts and guide you through the cruising area, making sure you visit the best places.
  • Safety in the vast oceans: Sailing alone may be fun, but can leave you on mercy of the ocean on a little mistake.There is safety in numbers on a flotilla sailing holiday, which means that if you do get into trouble, there will be someone on hand to help and show you how to correct your mistake, which is a luxury you wouldn’t have if you were on your own.
  • Travel to best of places: A much experienced skipper finds the best place and time to sail, for entire fleet. Thus, the inexperienced sailors may also sail to unseen shores safely. The professional Flotilla holiday planners ensure the best of the ocean for its customers. Today, there is plenty of professionals offering you best of sailing experiences in Greece, Turkey, Ionian, Croatanian coastlines and much more on flotilla holidays.
  • Independence on the hand: Being independent or participative is entirely your choice on a flotilla sail. The fleet follows a predefined itinerary, so you set off and sail at your own pace to the destined harbor.

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