Famous Ships and their Builders

We live in the world where innumerable things are made day by day and which are really fascinating to the eyes indeed. And one of the greatest inventions of the mankind is the ships that were made by some of the famous personalities worldwide that leave us spellbound. To acknowledge them, to remember them lets write up in the words because words have the power to make anything alive again. So let’s begin with the list of the ships.

  1. HMS Victory

The great HMS Victory was built by Chatham Dockyard and we need to believe it is the best creation indeed. She is best known as the Lord Nelson’s flagship at the battle of Trafalgar. The construction of the ship is well defined and super flawless, many people tried to rebuild the same ship with the same construction, but they were not too successful in this process.

  1. USS Constitution Ship

The USS Constitution ship is constructed in such a way, that it can fully attract any person glimpse of eyesight. Highly wooden-hulled, three–masted heavy frigate of the United States Navy. You will be surprised to know who named the ship name? President George Washington named the ship as USS Constitution after the launch of the Constitution of  the USA in the year 1797 himself. And the great builder of this ship was Edmund Hartt’s that built this marvellous piece of art.

  1. USS Missouri Ship

This is the ship that is witnessed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii as it was donated to the USS Missouri Memorial Association at the last moment of this ship. The proudest moment of the state was when this ship of the US Navy was named in honor of the US state of Missouri and that also for the third time in the record of the state. Missouri was stated as the last battleship that was ever commissioned by the United States. The famous builder of this awestruck ship was Brooklyn Navy Yard.

  1. RMS Lusitania Ship

The builder of the RMS Lusitania ship  was the great John Brown and Co, Clydebank together. If you want to know about the world’s largest passenger ship then you must know about the Lusitania ship because it is the largest passenger ship ever built in the history. You will be surprised to know about the total trans-Atlantic crossings at that time that the ship took easily and it was 202, indeed a great number.

  1. German Battleship Bismarck

German Bismarck was considered as among the first two largest battleships that were ever built for the Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine or by any European power at that time. The history was unbelievable, the ship was named after the famous chancellor Otto Von Bismarck, who was the lead primary force that led to the unification of Germany in the year 1871. This ship was best in quality, quantity or the framework we must say.

It was the actual mixture of mind and beauty in the ships, built by the builder excellently.

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