The Most Targeted and Haunted Ships In History

If you search for the most targeted and haunted ships in history over the internet or in books, then you will come across hundreds of stories about these scariest and haunted ships. But, none has till date been able to establish the truth behind these stories and also, none has been able to accumulate sufficient facts that can completely deny these mysterious happenings. Wherever mystery is concerned, it brings with it some kind of unsaid truth that has no explanations and that is much beyond the understanding of the common man.

One such example about which you must have read or heard somewhere is Bermuda Triangle. It is popularly known as Devil’s Triangle. It has got its second name because of the unexpected incidents that happened at its site. It is said about the place that any aeroplanes that fly over this region or any ships, boats or yachts that try to cross this region disappear without leaving any traces. No one till date can find the actual reason behind this and hence it is left behind as a mystery.

There are abundant of similar stories about lost or vanished cruises with no survivors like it happened with HMS Erebus that was lost in the Canadian Arctic in 1845 that left people behind them confused and unable to derive any conclusion.

Just have a glance at The Most Haunted Ships Of The History:

  • EL Caleuche

It is given the name of the ghost ship and believed to sail off the shores of Chile. An author named Ann Bingham has written about this ghost ship in one of her books that this ship sails only in the dark and it appears suddenly through the fog and is usually lighten brightly. The author has described it as the protector of the ocean who guards the water and punishes those who try to do evil practices in the sea and harm the creatures living under the water.

It is believed that the crew members consist of the spirits, dead men, and witches.

  • Mary Celeste

In 1872, a British boarding group while sailing through the Atlantic Ocean found a debarred ship named Mary Celeste. Later on the investigation, it was found that a total of 10 people boarded on Mary Celeste and the researchers could not find what happened to them or in other words, they were no traces found of those 10 people and there was not a single hint found of their existence.

Later, the ship was carried to the British authorities but, they also could not find out what happened and how? They were also not able to give any firm answer and the Mary Celeste left behind a mystery.

  • Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman is one of the most popular ghost ships of the history which is believed to exist and spread fear in the waters near Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Flying Dutchman refers to the captain of the ship. The story behind the ship is that in the 17thcentury, the captain while sailing through the Cape of Good Hope encountered a heavy storm but the captain at that time swore that he would survive the storm and none of the God or his wish can ever stop his way. But, unfortunately, the ship hit a rock and sank taking along all the crew members. From that day, it is a myth that captain and his dead crew are being punished and are offended to sail infinitely in the ocean.

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