Ships that were ruled worldwide by the famous captain’s

The ships are not remembered by the quality or the framework of the ship, but it is remembered by the famous captain’s who ruled the enticing ships in the long game. So, in the honour of having pride among the famous personalities, below some of the important ships and the beloved captain’s name is enlisted. Have a look and go into the history to enjoy the past.

  1. The most famous Golden Hind

Whenever, the great Golden Hind is remembered, how could we forget the name of the captain’s who fiercely ruled the ship. Sir Francis Drake, the remarkable men showcased in the history. Originally, the name of the ship was Pelican, but due to  giving honour to Sir Christopher Hatton his patron,  Drake renamed this ship as a Golden Hind that means a female deer in the context. The main motto of the ship and the captain was to circumnavigate all around the globe.

  1. Mayflower – The Survivor Ship

Mayflower is considered as the surviving ship captained by Christopher Jones in 1620, the ship plays the role of a ship that was used to transport English Separatists, in mere language the pilgrims, from the Plymouth to the New World. If we go by the history, we will get to know that there were total 102 passengers, and almost 30 crew members at that time of voyage. This was the ship which was all time heavily armed because there was always a possibility of pirates encountering with the ship.

  1. The Japanese Battleship Yamato

Yamato, the name itself signifies the great leader quality in itself ruled by the famous captain later Vice-Admiral while Miyazato Shutoku was in command that time. In true sense, Yamato was the lead ship of Imperial Japanese Navy World War II battleships. It is considered as the heaviest and the most powerful armed battleships of that time, along with Musashi ships that have ever constructed on the globe. But, the sad news was in the war itself, the ship didn’t survive along with the not so long surviving war.

  1. The Santa Maria

The famous Santa Maria ship that is famous for his construction, was used by Christopher Columbus during his first voyage and the point to remember is  that the Santa Maria was the largest of the three ships that the captain Christopher Columbus and the general Juan used. The owner of this exemplary beauty was Juan de la Cosa itself. Since, the time the ship has come into the world, many perfectionist architectures tried to make an exact ship as Santa Maria and they were successful too,  but the ship can’t compete the real Santa Maria.

  1. HMS Victory – a victory in itself

HMS Victory is actually a harbour ship. It was launched in the year 1765, fully loaded with 104 guns that were initially the first-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy at that time. She is best known all over the world as Lord Nelson’s flagship due to the battle of Trafalgar that took place in 1805. Hardy was the captain at that time that lead the ship all through the Napoleonic wars.

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